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Here's an early list of Joe's supporters. To join them, please fill out this endorsement form.


Cupertino City Council

Vice Mayor Savita Vaidhyanathan
Councilmember Darcy Paul
Councilmember Rod Sinks
Councilmember Gilbert Wong
Former Mayor Sandra James
Former Mayor Richard Lowenthal
Former Mayor Orrin Mahoney
Former Mayor Barbara Rogers

Los Altos City Council

Mayor Jeannie Bruins
Mayor Pro Tem Mary Prochnow
Councilmember Jean Mordo
Councilmember Jan Pepper
Former Mayor Lou Becker
Former Mayor Marge Bruno
Former Mayor Val Carpenter
Former Mayor David Casas
Former Mayor Curtis Cole
Former Mayor Jarrett Fishpaw
Former Mayor Penny Lave
Former Mayor John Moss
Former Mayor Ron Packard
Former Mayor Dave Reeder
Former Mayor Jim Thurber

Los Altos Hills City Council

Mayor John Harpootlian
Vice Mayor Gary Waldeck
Councilmember Courtnenay Corrigan
Councilmember John Radford
Councilmember Roger Spreen
Former Mayor Bob Fenwick
Former Mayor Bob Johnson
Former Mayor Rich Larsen
Former Mayor Jean Mordo
Former Mayor Mike O’Malley
Former Mayor Dean Warshawsky

Mountain View City Council

Mayor Pat Showalter
Vice Mayor Ken Rosenberg
Councilmember Chris Clark
Councilmember Mike Kasperzak
Councilmember John McAlister
Councilmember Lenny Siegel
Former Mayor Abe-Koga
Former Mayor Matt Allen
Former Mayor Ronit Bryant
Former Mayor Jim Cochran
Former Mayor Patricia Figueroa
Former Mayor Nick Galiotto
Former Mayor Joe Kleitman
Former Mayor Laura Macias
Former Mayor Matt Neely
Former Mayor Norman Shaskey
Former Mayor Jac Siegel
Former Vice Mayor Nancy Noe

Palo Alto City Council

Mayor Pat Burt
Vice Mayor Greg Scharff
Councilmember Marc Berman
Councilmember Tom DuBois
Councilmember Eric Filseth
Councilmember Karen Holman
Councilmember Liz Kniss
Councilmember Greg Schmid
Councilmember Cory Wolbach
Former Mayor Betsy Bechtel
Former Mayor Bern Beecham
Former Mayor Mike Cobb
Former Mayor Peter Drekmeier
Former Mayor Sid Espinosa
Former Mayor Judy Kleinberg
Former Mayor Le Levy
Former Mayor Dena Mossar
Former Mayor Vic Ojakian
Former Mayor Nancy Shepherd
Former Mayor Lanie Wheeler
Former Mayor Gail Woolley
Former Vice Mayor Ron Andersen
Former Vice Mayor Jack Morton
Former Vice Mayor Enid Pearson
Former Councilmember John Barton
Former Councilmember Hillary Freeman
Former Councilmember Gail Price
Former Councilmember Emily Renzel

Saratoga City Council

Mayor Manny Cappello
Vice Mayor Emily Lo
Councilmember Mary-Lynne Bernald
Councilmember Rishi Kumar
Councilmember Howard Miller
Former Mayor Stan Bogosian
Former Mayor Jill Hunter
Former Mayor Chuck Page
Former Mayor Ann Waltonsmith

Sunnyvale City Council

Mayor Glenn Hendricks
Vice Mayor Gustav Larsson
Councilmember Jim Davis
Councilmember Jim Griffith
Councilmember Tara Martin-Millius
Councilmember Pat Meyering
Councilmember Dave Whittum
Former Mayor Dean Chu
Former Mayor John Howe
Former Mayor Chris Moylan
Former Mayor Pat Vorreiter
Former Mayor Jack Walker

Cupertino School Board

Board President Jo Lucey
Board Member Anjali Kausar
Board Member Kristen Pan Lyn
Former Board President Ben Liu
Former Board President Gary McCue
Former Board President Roberta Pabst
Former Board President George Tyson

Fremont High School Board

Board President Hung Wei
Board Member Jeff Moe
Board Member Nancy Newton
Board Member Barbara Nunes
Board Member Bill Wilson

Los Altos School Board

Board President Pablo Luther
Board Member Vladimir Ivanovic
Board Member Tamara Logan
Board Member Steve Taglio
Former Board President Bill Cooper
Former Board President Mark Goines
Former Board President Margot Harrigan
Former Board President David Pefley
Former Board President Victor Reid
Former Board President Duane Roberts
Former Board Member David Luskin

Mountain View – Los Altos School Board

Board President Phil Faillace
Board Member Joe Mitchner
Board Member Debbie Torok
Board Member Fiona Walter
Former Board President Judy Hannemann

Mountain View - Whisman School Board

Board President Ellen Wheeler
Board Member Steve Olson
Former Board President Rose Filicetti
Former Board President Carol Fisher
Former Board President Phil Palmer

Palo Alto School Board

Board President Heidi Emberling
Board Member Melissa Baten Caswell
Board Member Ken Dauber
Board Member Terry Godfrey
Board Member Camille Townsend
Former Board President Julie Jerome
Former Board President Barbara Klausner
Former Board President Cathy Kroymann
Former Board President Barb Mitchell
Former Board President Amado Padilla
Former Board President Diane Reklis
Former Board President Susie Richardson
Former Board President Dana Tom
Former Board President Carolyn Tucher
Former Board President Don Way

Saratoga School Board

Former Board President Michael Gipe
Former Board President Cindy Ruby
Former Board Member Paige Berardo

Sunnyvale School Board

Board Member Reid Myers
Board Member Nancy Newkirk

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Board President Yoriko Kishimoto
Board Member Jed Cyr
Board Member Nonette Hanko
Board Member Cecily Harris
Board Member Larry Hassett
Board Member Curt Riffle
Board Member Pete Siemens

Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

Board Chair Dorsey Moore
Board Member Mike Flaugher
Board Member Kalvin Gill
Board Member Sequoia Hall
Board Member Virginia Holtz
Board Member Alex Kennett
Former Board Chair Jim Foran

(Partial list. Affiliations listed for identification purposes only.)