On the Issues - Joe Simitian for Congress

Getting Results in Washington, D.C.

  • Environment

    In the State Senate, I passed the country’s most aggressive renewable energy law, and as County Supervisor, I shut down a polluting cement plant. I will push for investment in renewable energy research and new technology in Congress to realize a sustainable energy future.

  • Housing

    Our nation’s housing crisis should be a federal priority.

    Having opened shelters for the unhoused, preserved 117 units of low-income housing and prevented the eviction of 400 low-income residents, I know what it takes. To build housing for educators, agricultural workers and people with disabilities, I built and led community coalitions. In Congress, I will take this on.

  • Reproductive Rights

    My commitment to women’s reproductive rights is longstanding and unwavering.

    I helped secure funding and a clinic site for Planned Parenthood in Mountain View. After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, I took swift legal action to protect reproductive rights in our region, state and nation – authoring the Board of Supervisors resolution that declared the County a Defender of Reproductive Freedom.

  • Healthcare

    Access to affordable, quality healthcare is critical for a thriving society.

    I created the County Med-Assist program (cutting costs on inhalers, EpiPens and insulin) and wrote a state law improving breast cancer detection. In Congress, I will work to expand the drugs eligible for price reductions and ensure patients receive the information they need to make informed choices about their health.

  • Education

    Universal preschool is essential to building America’s economy, reducing poverty and supporting working families. 

    That’s why I wrote the law creating Transitional Kindergarten (TK), enabling hundreds of thousands of California 4-year-olds to get a jump start on learning. I will work for a national commitment to expand early childhood education in Congress.

  • Mental Health

    We are facing a mental health crisis in this country, and we need to take action.

    The federal government turned its back on mental health care decades ago, and it’s time to reverse course. I led the effort to provide mental health services to kids, teens and young adults in our county by launching a first-in-the-region in-patient mental health facility for kids and teens. In Congress, I will do more.

  • Technology

    Technology is rapidly changing, and we need someone in Congress who is ahead of the curve

    I wrote the first-in-the-nation security breach legislation requiring companies to inform consumers of data breaches. Rapidly evolving AI requires leadership that encourages innovation while protecting people’s privacy and their creative work. There’s good policy to be made here.

  • Economy

    California is too expensive, and the cost of living is making it harder for families, seniors, and public service workers to stay here.

    During COVID, I created a loan program to help small businesses and capped food delivery fees to protect consumers. In Congress, I will pass legislation that contributes to a healthy economy, fosters economic growth and supports our local industries – technology, agriculture, fishing and tourism.

  • Gun Violence

    I am committed to ending gun violence. Congress has failed to act for too long, and people are dying because of it. In Congress, I will support common-sense gun safety reforms like background checks and will work to reauthorize the automatic weapons ban.

  • Voting Rights

    The right to vote and the fairness of our electoral system are under attack. I saw the importance of protecting voter access when I supervised elections in Bosnia and El Salvador. In Congress, I will fight attempts to restrict access to voting and safeguard every person’s right to vote.