On the Issues: Environment - Joe Simitian

The Environment

The Sierra Club named Joe Simitian an “Environmental Hero” because combating climate change and environmental protection continue to be at the top of Joe’s agenda. He has pioneered clean energy initiatives, protected our land and our water, and fought for green transportation.

While in the State Senate, Joe passed the country’s most aggressive renewable energy law, requiring electricity providers to generate 33 percent of electricity from clean, renewable sources by 2020. Now, California has accelerated the momentum, doing even more. Other states have followed suit!

Joe led the charge to permanently shutter the polluting Lehigh Cement Plant in the West Valley foothills, shut down the quarry, and hold the parties responsible for fixing the environmental damage.

Joe’s unwavering commitment to clean water is evident in the Delta Reform Act – landmark legislation he wrote that guarantees quality drinking water, ensures steady sources of funding to protect California watersheds, ensures water quality regulations, and prevents stormwater pollution.

When Joe learned that cruise ships and other commercial vessels were dumping waste into the ocean near our coast and polluting the air with reckless incineration, he put an end to it with a series of laws designed to permanently protect our coast and our marine sanctuaries. As a result of Joe’s work, California has the nation’s largest, longest, No Discharge Zone (NDZ).

Joe has a track record of fighting for land conservation and protection. Joe helped reclaim more than 50 acres in the Baylands to restore wetlands and wildlife habitat. He helped protect Coyote Valley from potential development, and his work protects our foothills for generations to come.