Statement by Joe Simitian 5/1/24 - Joe Simitian

Statement by Joe Simitian 5/1/24

“The good news is the 16th congressional district’s long painful exercise counting the votes is over! The not-so-good news: we have come up short. I lost, and I concede. I trust the process, and I accept the result.  

I am disappointed, but not sad.

I’m disappointed on a personal level because I had looked forward to running in November and serving in Congress. I’m disappointed because I couldn’t deliver a win for the oh-so-many folks who gave their time, effort, energy and resources to our campaign. And frankly, I’m disappointed because I won’t have the opportunity to bring a fresh take to our nation’s capital––where we urgently need a renewed sense of purpose, and a commitment to maintaining and sustaining our democracy.

That said, I am not sad. I have a wonderful life, a wonderful wife, and satisfying work to engage me at the County.

I want to congratulate Assemblymember Evan Low and former Mayor Sam Liccardo. I have spoken to them both to wish them well. I look forward to the lively campaign they will undoubtedly run. 

I want to thank the volunteers who traveled two counties to help “cure” uncounted ballots, and then monitored the recount over these past few weeks. In fact, I want to thank our entire campaign team, a team that gave its all.

To all who supported me in this campaign for Congress, I am so grateful that you stood with me when I needed you. More grateful than I can say. Your generosity and persistence were extraordinary.  It means a lot and it always will. Thank you. 

My confidence in our country’s ability to renew and improve itself is not dimmed.  I know that I am privileged to hold public office and I will do my best to honor that trust, helping people and solving problems until my last day in office.”

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May 1, 2024

by Joe Simitian